Cyber-Range Network


Cyber-Range Network – Joint Webinar


What is “Cyber-Range Network”?


The “Cyber-Range Network” is a collaboration initiative created jointly from three EU funded projects: FORESIGHT, Cyber-MAR and SPIDER.

The aforementioned projects created the “Cyber-Range Network” having as main objectives:

  • to promote collaboration and to facilitate exchange of knowledge among them;
  • to showcase their respective project results to a wider audience;
  • to perform joint dissemination activities;
  • to improve awareness regarding cybersecurity preparedness and training.


What is the Joint Webinar about?


This webinar is the first step to landmark the beginning of a productive collaboration and streamline the initial course of actions.


This joint webinar mainly aims to:

-Introduce resent the three projects along with their key objectives and the current  progress;

-Present the concept of cyber-ranges as virtual training environments and how they can be used for cyber warfare;

-To exchange views and hοld an interactive and productive discussion with the webinar participants.


Who is the Target Audience?

Our event is addressed to stakeholders of all backgrounds that are interested in cybersecurity technological advancements.



26 November 2020

11:00 – 12:50 CET



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